Sep 11, 2009

me gonna miss park jaeboem of 2PM,so not fair!!!!2PM would not be the same without him,haiya..sad sad..

Aug 31, 2009

exams are like in 1 week away and here i am watching korean drama and stuffs..ohgeez,anyways i'm like head over heal with the korean bands!!! expecially SS501,ya ampuin handsome hor dorang..2pm also not bad,tht one ida lor like..

looks like my genre of music is now k pop!hha..dbsk,super junior,SS501,2pm,snsd,haiya all this can make me go bonkers..looks like fauzi will be pushed aside..hhaha..sorry babe.

Aug 28, 2009

sarang heyo kim hyun joong sunbae
right now i can't talk,eat and open my mouth as per normal as i'm still in the process of recovery. well yesterday was my day surgery in NDC to get all 4 of my wisdom tooth extracted..yes all 4 at one go and would be having my medical leave till 3 of sept..8 days at home!!yeah me like..

so yeah reporting time is at 9.45am but i was like already there by 9am,hha siang rite..bedek r if i say i was not feeling nervous,don't say nervous nk terberry also waited for 5 minutes and the nurse call my name. took weight, blood pressure yada yada yada and after that go changed into operating gown,doc came to explain whats going happen during my yah she was like ur upper tooth would at a higher risk as it located quite high and we are going to insert a tuib through ur nose and it will run down till ur throat so tht we could monitor your breathing..scarry huh! after the talked was sent to my bed to rest and have to wait several hours before they transfer me to the operating theatre..

i don't like the part where the surgeon need to find my vain so tht they could inject me with idk wat cuz like the needle is freaking big and painful,dah lh tu dua kali pulak tu..after that was done,i was given the oxygen and after tht i was in lala land surgery time was like 2 hours plus like tht and i knew tht the surgery was over when they called out my name and stuff but i was still feeling droggy and drausy due to the anestetic given and my throat was even worst..

overall surgery was a-okay:) next week have to go there to get the stitches yeah now like baby lor,have to eat soft soft food lor..and today some of the stitches is coming out..huhu:)

p.s:i'm in love with kim hyun ok he!!!

Aug 25, 2009

atlast all major projects are done and presented,the feeling is soo the gerek!!move on to LPD pulak..but oklh also done but only left to be presented only..i hav to also cleared all my projs by tomorrow before i go for my oral and maxilofacial surgery..sounds chimp rite but actually it's to remove all 4 of my wisdom tooth..after wed i wouldn't be attending class anymore till i guess the day of my exams!!actually get 8 days only but what the hell tk ya dtg sudah.huhu,long recuperating days of heeling:) i loike:):)...

Aug 18, 2009

k..update tyme..didn't attend school today cuz my tooth is giving me major headache! so went to the dentist and get it examined..xray etc and its totally confirm tht i need to get it xtracted..which means earlier weekend for me?hha..hopefully lh yeah tomorrow gona go to ndc for the surgery..well hopefully could get both my lower tooth out as my upper tooth still haven yet show signs of yah..
on another note,i'm sorry to my gerls cuz i would be able to do the ppt wth them,feel bad lh abey..sorry gerls..k thts all for today..good luck to me tomorrow:)
i'm missing my boipwen:(...

Aug 6, 2009

hhe..guess only 1 day of hiatus.hha!anyways time for some updates since my blog is like 9087825 dusty like goes..morning morning got up kena stiff neck cramp,i tell you very the sakit hor.i basically i can't bent down lh abeh! so yeah go sch with stupid stiff cramps n yeah adm the first lesson which is like O.M.G!!!den after tht evm again like hmm cuz of proj which serious lh gerl i like wana wash my hands like tht,hpmhh:( part of all is snw lh actually.the jumping ropes thingy me don't like cuz its freaking seram!!hha.then initially since ISQ always love to play Captain's ball this tyme round NO captain's ball..gerls had netball and guys had badminton!hmm fun hor gerls,feeling feeling netballers..

anyways currently i'm in lov with BoA,haiyo tht gerl is such a talented performer,me loike hor:) yessar tomorrow is gonna be a long weekend for me cuz i'm like 70% dont wana attend class tomorow cuz like mepek like tht,so pathetic go sch watch movie!!so the tk payah lh sey...but kite tgk ehk whether this fickle gerl here wana go sch anot tomorow ehk..

omg!i jus realise tht in the month of aug i'm gona be superduper busy,F1,Baybeats,School,Projects,Boypren,Gerlpren...but atleast its gona make me be jammed packed with activities:)yippie..lappy's keyboard is suc a fucker argh!!!...